August 24, 2016 Retirement Board Meeting

Fall River Contributory Retirement Board Meeting
DATE/TIME: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 8:30 A.M.
LOCATION: 30 Third Street, Suite 301, Fall River, MA 02720
1.    Call to Order
2.    Statement regarding recording of meetings
3.    Minutes of 7/20/16 meeting submitted for review/approval and signature.
4.    Warrants to be signed. 
5.    Distributed to Board for acknowledgement and/or discussion:
            June 2016 Accounting reports
         June 2016 PRIM Board Update
         PERAC – 2015 Annual Report
         Annual Summary of Conflict of Interest Law  (acknowledgement to be signed)
         Krishan Gupta – Request to contract with outside auditor for GASB 67/68                                                
6.    Retirement Applications:
Stanley A. Botelho – DCM – eff. 10/14/16
Joanne L. Brenner – Formerly City Clerks – eff. 7/19/16
Randall Clarkson – Water Dept – eff. 9/9/16
Patricia Demeule – School Dept. – eff. 8/2/16
Colleen Franco – School Dept. – eff. 11/23/16
John R. Morris – Inspectional Svcs. – eff. 9/30/16
Kenneth Schoonover – School Dept. - eff. 9/2/16
Norman Sousa – Water Dept. – eff. 8/3/16
7.    Tabled Items:
     Notification of termination – Section 91A Non-Compliance
     Retiree affected to be given opportunity to be heard before Board
Board to determine if drug testing stipend (FRPD contract) falls under the definition of regular compensation for retirement purposes. Tabled 5/26/16
8.    Executive Session - the Board may convene an executive session pursuant to M.G.L c. 30A, § 21(a)(1) to review, discuss or to conduct an evidentiary hearing regarding disability applications pending before the Board as these matters involve the physical and/or mental health of an individual.              
Disability Retirement applications:
           Donald Costa – FRHA
           Nicholas Suneson – Fire Dept