December 20, 2017 Retirement Board Meeting


Fall River Contributory Retirement Board Meeting

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 8:30 A.M.

LOCATION: 30 Third Street, Suite 301, Fall River, MA 02720


1. Call to Order

2. Statement regarding recording of meetings

3. Minutes of 11/22/17 open & ES meeting submitted for review/approval  - VOTE. 

4. Warrants to be signed.  

5. Retirement/Benefit Applications – VOTE


     Joseph Biszko – Building Dept. – eff. 12/27/17

     Denise DeMello – School Dept. - eff. 1/17/18

     Joaquim Raposo -  FR Housing Auth. – eff. 1/5/18              

6. FRRB 2018 Budget to be adopted – VOTE

7. Certification of FY2019 Appropriation - VOTE

8. Electon Results – 3rd Member Position      

         Election Officer to report

9. Board appointment of 5th Member for review/discussion and/or vote:

      Letters of interest/resumes distributed

10. Distributed to Board for acknowledgement, signature, discussion, and/or vote:

     Accounting reports for October 2017

     PRIT – Plan performance summary 10/2017 & 3rd Quarter Update

     Annual Eligibility Certification (Nassiff & Machado only) – signatures required

     Annual Conflict of Interest Law/Acknowledgement – signatures required

     Annual Open Meeting Law Guide/Education Materials/Acknowledgement – signature required

11. Executive Session - the Board may convene in executive session pursuant to M.G.L c. 30A, § 21(a)(1) to review, discuss, vote or to conduct an evidentiary hearing regarding the applications pending before the Board as these matters involve discussion of the reputation, character, physical and/or mental health of an individual.

Todd Byron – ADR 

Tracy Wright – ODR