July 20, 2016 Retirement Board Meeting

Please download the meeting agenda below.

1.    Call to Order
2.    Statement regarding recording of meetings
3.    Minutes of 6/22/16 meeting submitted for review/approval and signature.
4.    Warrants to be signed. 
5.    Distributed to Board for acknowledgement and/or discussion:
            May 2016 Accounting reports
         May 2016 PRIM Board Update
         PERAC Memo #18/2016 – 3rd Quarter Training Opportunities
         Board Educational/Training Credit Reports thru 6/2016
         6.    Retirement Applications:
Peter Cordeiro – DCM – eff. 6/30/16
Kathleen Laprise – Diman Reg Voc Tech HS. – eff. 9/2/16
Edwin T. Riley – DCM – eff. 9/18/16
7.    Membership Issues:
8.    Executive Director Update:
     Personnel update    
9.    Notification of termination – Section 91A Non-Compliance
     Retiree affected to be given opportunity to be heard before Board
10.    Tabled Items:
Board to determine if drug testing stipend (FRPD contract) falls under the definition of regular compensation for retirement purposes. Tabled 5/26/16
11.    Executive Session - the Board may convene an executive session pursuant to M.G.L c. 30A, § 21(a)(1) to review, discuss or to conduct an evidentiary hearing regarding disability applications pending before the Board as these matters involve the physical and/or mental health of an individual.              
Disability Retirement applications:
           Paul J. Carey – Police Dept.
           Michael Souza - DCM