March 2012 Meeting Notice

Fall River Contributory Retirement Board Meeting


DATE/TIME: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 9:00 A.M.
LOCATION: 30 Third Street, Suite 301, Fall River, MA 02720

Call to Order

Nominations/appointment of Board Chairman.

Minutes: Review and approve the minutes of previous meeting.

Retirement Applications - Superannuation:
    Raul Benevides – Election Comm.. eff. 2/7/12
    Geraldine Machado – Comm. Dev. eff. 2/17/12
    Patrick McNerney – Police Dept. eff. 3/9/12
    Benvinda O’Leary – Comm. Dev. eff. 6/30/12
    Raymond Sousa – Traffic Dept. eff. 4/30/12
    Barbara Souza – School Dept. eff. 3/21/12
    Rose Marie Swenson – School Dept. eff. 6/30/12

Survivor Benefit Applications:
    Rita Conroy, widow of Raymond -  Acc Death Benefits
Warrants to be signed:
Refunds, expenses, retirement allowances

Executive Director’s report:
    Annual Statement for 2011to be reviewed/signed
    Option D initial increase cost analysis

 Military Service Credit to be determined:
    Antonio M. Rebelo – Fire Dept. 8/17/11 to 12/17/11
    Gershon L. Raposo – Fire Dept. 8/23/11 to 1/23/12

Distribution of Correspondence:
    PERAC – COLA Notice – 3% - Action necessary for approval of 7/1 COLA increase
PERAC –Letter to Atty. Michael Sacco – RE: Statement of Fin’l Interests concerns.
    PERAC Memo #19/2012 – 2011 Statement of Fin’l Interests (Statement included)
    PERAC Memo #22/2012 – Collusion/Fraud Provision of CH176
    PERAC Memo #25/2012 – Educational Credits/NCPERS TEDS Conference
    PERAC Memo #26/2012 – Mandatory Retirement Board Member Training
    NCPERS Conference Packet – May 6-10, 2012 – New York, NY (TEDS May 5 & 6, 2012)
    PRIM Board Update for January 2012

The Board intends to convene in Executive Session pursuant to M.G.L. c. 30A, s.21(a).
Disability retirement applications:
Robert Charette – Initial desk review of medical records
    Kenneth Schoonover- Initial desk review of medical records

Tabled Items:
    Consideration of local option increasing minimum allowance under § 12 to $500 per month.
        New Business